Weight Loss Hacks

I lost a ton of weight between 2018 & 2019. So this post is about things I learned firsthand about diet & exercise.

These are four really simple weight loss tips that worked wonders for me. I’m not a health expert by any means, but these are things that helped me lose 100+ pounds.

#1 You can eat a ton of good food and still lose weight. Just avoid like the plague anything high in carbs or added sugars. That’s the biggest key by far.

#2 The time of day you eat food makes a huge difference. Eat a lot more food earlier in the day, and eat as little as possible in the evening. Going to bed with a bit of hunger gnawing at you works miracles with weight loss. Then wake up & eat a big ass breakfast.

#3 Buy a good, accurate scale that you like. And get on it twice a week no matter what (I weigh myself every Sunday & Wednesday morning, & I plan to do so the rest of my life.) As you get into the habit of weighing yourself twice weekly, concentrate on one main goal - to have that weight number go down a least a tiny little bit every single time you get on your scale (until you reach your goal of course.)

#4 Do some kind of daily exercise. Walking even just a little bit each day is glorious. Whatever it is you choose to do, make it something you enjoy (or you can at least tolerate), & do it daily, without exception. Consistent exercise makes a huge difference with weight loss.